Tuesday, May 08, 2007

HRH Queen Elizabeth, The Queen, Visits the White House Yesterday

As a six-year-old child, I vividly remember watching The Queen's coronation on TV, as my baby sister stood and watched from her playpen. I remember the royal coach, the crown and every bit of the pomp and ceremony.

Even today, I love the thought that she still visits us here and that the Bushes get all dressed up for her stately arrival.

The Queen is the symbol throughout the world for dignity, good manners and decent good sense. And she leaves a longing in her wake.

Long live The Queen!

More coverage on the royal visit here.

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Pam said...

I loved this! What a life she has led huh? My favorite shots of her are with her hubby dancing and the one of her tapping Prince Charles on the shoulder as a warning to pose for the group photo, oh and then there's the one of her geting out of the carriage, and ...I told you I LOVED this! I have watched so much TV during the days she has been here in the US. I wanted to see every movement. I watched the hilights of Monday night's white tie dinner on C-Span!
You know, the reason I think this video was so fun is that I tend to think of the Queen as being all staunchy and formal all the time. It was good to see her dancing and smiling. In the close ups,especially of her younger days, couldn't you just see the sparkle in her beautiful eyes?