Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day: The Ideal Woman, The Proverbs 31 Woman, with John MacArthur

The ideal woman and mother begins as the ideal wife. A woman of character and high ideals who will confront her husband when he's off the mark. She contributes to her own and to his and her children's spiritual development.

God's revelation of the perfect woman is found here, and John MacArthur talks about her in part 1 of a two part series.

She's discussed in contrast to the adulterous woman whose lips speak sweet words of flattery and unconditional, anything goes acceptance, and the noisy, contentious woman.

The model, ideal woman is priceless in every way to her husband, her children and family and a gift from God. How a man can choose a good wife for marriage and a woman can choose a good man: faithful, long-term prayer precedes such a priceless find.

Part 2 of the ideal woman, as inspired by God, and discussed by MacArthur is here. She's industrious and knows how to handle money and financial matters on her own for starters.

What a contrast to the popular, feminist concepts of the ideal woman that so many women today aspire to today.

But Truth never really goes out of style, and however short many of us modern women may have fallen, it's never too late to turn towards timeless principles and begin to walk with God and towards the ideals of true Biblical womanhood, however imperfectly we know we are.

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