Monday, May 07, 2007

Getting to Know Him: Fred Thompson Speech at the Lincoln Club, in Three Parts

Part 1: Above: "Government is too important to be left up to the government."

Part 2: Here.:

Part 3: Here.

Fred is looking more and more like a serious and formidable candidate for the Republican nomination for president.


UPDATE: Sarkozy on the rise in France.

But, Hillary is on the decline? Dick Morris says yes and tells why.
Click on the link and then scroll down.

A highlight from Morris:

"Her popularity has dwindled not because she is under fire or being hit with negatives. And, for once, she's not being chased by scandal. She's falling simply because she doesn't come across well. As Americans get to know Clinton better, they are coming to regard her as scripted, dogmatic, defensive, rigid and programmed."

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