Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Changes and New Links Here At Webutante

After almost eight months of blogging now, I want to make some changes in what I write, and whom I link to.

Want to write more commentary, process more information down to some simple nuggets, and link to several new people who have a fresh perspective on what's going on in our world. Change is a slow process for me and it remains to be seen what I will do over time with my new best intentions.

But for now I want to mention several blogs I am newly linking to which I think are well worth checking out, if you haven't already:

The Jungle Hut: This is a blog written from Venezuela by Jungle Mom, aka Rita Vernoy, who with her husband is a Christian missionary and strong political conservative in the land of Victor Chavez, a thug and dictator of the highest order. She has quite a following of family and friends--many of whom also blog, including her sister, Pam, at Midnight Musings whom I also like very much. Rita is thoughtful and solidly grounded in Biblical principles and conservative political traditions. I'm sure living in Venezuala has given her an even greater appreciation of many of the freedoms and responsibilities we take so for granted here.
I feel fortunate to have made Rita's and Pam's acquaintances! They are as solid as they get.

One Cosmos: Gagdad Bob is a husband, father, therapist and armchair philosopher who writes long posts daily about the difference between objective verses subjective reality. He works this subject from soup to nuts extolling the life-giving qualities of living in objective, God-fearing vertical reality ---where enduring Truth rules Life, whether we like it or not--- verses existing in the deadness of the relative, subjective, godless world of our own making based on feelings, truth with a little "t," political correctness and the demand for unlimited freedom without responsibility. He writes on heavy subjects with a clever sophistication and great sense of humor.

Don't have (make) time to read each of his long posts, but make a point to read his commentary several times a week. It's well worth my time and effort.

Iraq the Model (ITM): Intelligent, straightforward blogging from Iraq. And it's not what you read in the MSM (Main Stream Media). These two Iraqi men stand firmly for freedom in Iraq and sincerly appreciate what the United States is doing for their people there, in spite of it all. They want us to give our troops and the current surge there a fighting chance. Highly recommended reading, straight from the horses's mouth.

I have also de-linked from two bloggers that I sincerely think are far superior writers and bloggers than I could ever hope to be: One because of her unceasing strident tone and often poor and tasteless language which I find counter-productive. And the other because she rarely posts, among other things, and when she does, it's always about the same thing.

Nevertheless, I wish them both well in every way.

My other links stand and endure because I find them well worth reading and choosing from on a daily/weekly basis. Hopefully they represent a good cross-section of the best of conservative viewpoints available anywhere.
I mean what's not to like about the likes of Victor Davis Hanson, Bill Hobbs, Larry Kudlow, Neo-neocon, Helen Smith, Roger Simon, and Allahpundit, among others?


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for the kind words!

Pam said...

AAWW! Be still my soul! Webutante, whom I respect ever so much for her witty yet intelligent posts, has given me a blurb!

My sis told me to be sure and check out the Iraq Model!!

Thanks friend! You're a doll!