Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Word Of New General To Head U.S. Effort in Iraq, Hopefully in the Tradition of Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman

And what great news it is: General David Petraeus is Bush's new pick for Commanding General of our forces in Iraq. And according to Hugh Hewitt, he's considered the cream of the crop:

"Perhaps the best news of the past week is that General Dave Petraeus will be taking over the American war effort. Since the earliest days of the Iraqi war effort, Petraeus has distinguished himself as something special. A lot of people, including the estimable Ralph Peters, feel that Petraeus is the best the American army has to offer. Given the nature of the challenge, it’s reassuring that the A-Team is finally on the job.

"BUT WHAT OF THE LOYAL OPPPOSITION? As a thought exercise this morning, I was pondering what would happen if it all worked. What would become of the American left if Petraeus performs wonders, the surge pacifies Baghdad, and peace spreads through Iraq in a viral fashion? Would the American left be capable of accepting victory?"

Stayed tuned for more info tonight when Bush makes his Iraq speech. And God bless America and our troops in Iraq.

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MBMc said...

Good question Webutante, and in my estimation, the answer is "doubtful".

Too many have gone too far and staked their reputations and credibility on American failure in Iraq.