Sunday, January 14, 2007

Post Script to the Sermon on the Mormon Religion Below

I've received a comment from a man who takes great issue with Dr. Solomon's sermon below on the Mormon church. So, I've decided to add several links here, here, and here, which substantiate and elaborate on his claims for further discussion and research.

Wikipedia on Joseph Smith is here. And Brigham Young.

Additional comments and links on the subject are welcome.


Alma said...

You might want to read the comment of an evangelical Christian on my blog who stepped in to defend Pastor Solomon's theology--but agreed that the information he presented was really bad. I'll be discussing some of that over the next day or so.

Webutante said...

It might not have been in the book of Mormon, however, it is in one of your four books.

You have done a great public relations job in the past two decades to portray Mormonism as just another Christian sect, but I don't think seed wives and planets, and men evolving to gods with their seed wives having babies into eternity on the planet they earn is just another Christian religion...with all due respect.