Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Over at Bill Hobbs, A YouTube Contest

Bill Hobbs posts his and his son's favorite YouTube videos. Both hilarious, but I would have to go with his four-year-old son on this one. Simply adorable.


Anonymous said...


i) I liked: Blue Monday, quotes from CSLewis, D-Day newsreels;
ii) Who is Mr. Wolcott?
iii) Am unaware of offensive comments by Mr. Ford,
iv) Agreed with doubts about Obama: man lacks experience. Have deep reservation about Mrs. Clinton, who, by not using a long enough spoon when supping with the devil, has raised character issues that won't go away. I have no idea about a suitable Democratic candidate. I have no idea about a suitable Republican candidate. As much as you may hate to hear it, I think Iraq to be a disaster, the mishandling of which has assured that there can be no good outcome. I know you hope otherwise. Well, for that matter, we all hope otherwise, but the grounds for such hope just are not visible.
v) Who is Joel Rosenburg?

Anonymous said...
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