Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday, Sunday: Going Into The Silence, Watching the Sun Rise

Light blogging for a while, while staying at a place with no computers, no television, no cell phones. Into the silence I go.

Meanwhile, Lon Solomon gives a wonderful sermon on murmuring.


Anonymous said...

ZZZZZ....zzzzz...Amazing that you merited a mention in Wolcott's blog. Looking things over, yours is just another right wing echo machine with a little flair for racism and fascism. Hope you enjoy your little "spiritual" jaunts in the back country. You could use some rejuvenation.

Jungle Mom said...

Trust you enjoyed the silence. it can be refreshing!

Murphy said...

Dear Webulante,

Please post my response to your Barrack picture. I think it is importaint and would greatly appreciate it. Could you even post it not as a comment but as an article?

In any case, here are my comments:

I would like to respond to anyone who had a negative comment to make about the Barrack Obama pictures posted on this sight.

First, let me start by saying that I am very liberal and honestly don’t usually agree with Webutante’s political views. However, I respect her as a person, an intriguing writer, and a woman who is well-educated and well-spoken.

Now to address the issue at hand, the Barrack Obama picture. Firstly, it’s no wonder that voters refuse to believe that Democrats and Republicans will be able to compromise long enough to make some good decisions for our country. It is because of people like “BARBARIAN” that we cannot. Instead of actually reading an article and saying “Okay, I disagree, but I can respect someone else’s views” the blogger named, “Barbarian” decided to nit-pick about Webutante’s picture of Barrack that was posted with the article. I cannot say whether the picture was tasteful or not, it’s not my place to say. But I will say the Barbarian’s comments were ridiculous. Firstly, a picture is a picture. It was a joke, obviously doctored, and just something that Webulante wanted to post on her OWN webpage.

If you don’t like it or are offended, then don’t read it. But there is no question that she was totally right it posting it if she wanted to. Get over it. Aren’t there other more important matters at hand right now?

Please folks, not everyone can agree, but at least have the courtesy to respect other people’s writings and postings and don’t criticize them or make silly, unwanted and frivolous comments. If you don’t like a painting, don’t hang it in your home. If you don’t agree with someone’s posting, stop reading it. But everyone has the right to post what they want.

Get a life, or until then, some common sense will do.

Webutante said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Webutante said...


Thank you for taking the time to post this comment. There is always room for dissent and divergence of opinion when people use their rational faculties. I welcome liberal commenters like you always because it adds to the discussion rather than detract.

All best,