Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hillary: First Baggage Lady?

Everytime I think about Hillary inhabiting the White House again---this time as president---my mind goes to the inevitable next question: What in heaven's name will Bill be up to for those four years?

Yes, yes I know he has his foundation, and gets and gives money for causes the Clintons favor. And I'm sure he'll play plenty of power golf. But then what? I mean, what will he do with himself for the rest of the day?

I shudder to think.

Bad as a Hillary presidency would be with all her baggage, I simply don't think the country is ready for first-jolly-good-fellow Bill. Of course, for a few months, it would all be amusing. And distracting. There would be jokes about his screening her interns, and him moving into the Lincoln bedroom. But afterwards, it would surely become a bore and embarassment of monumental proportions.

Heaven forbid Hillary should ever bring her bags back to Pennsylvania Avenue. Heaven forbid Bill should ever bring his baggage back there either.


Anonymous said...

Ok... here is the politically incorrect answer, which I favor since I dislike political correctness...

Bill will be enjoying hopefully better looking interns if he becomes the First Adulterer.

How can anyone in their right mind support a presidential candidate that can't even divorce her husband who cheats on her?

Anonymous said...

Ms.Webutante, your diatribe on the Clintons is so misplaced. With Hillary and Bill, we get 2 stars for the price of one.

saneperson said...

We are being governed by a disfunctional child who is advised by yesmen, madmen and cowards and you are worried about Hillary?!
The only way we could possibly be worse off is if you were president.

hcgads said...

I now know how to answer your blog. Your photo is still not on your page.