Monday, January 15, 2007

Joel Rosenberg in Jerusalum Reports Reaction to Bush's Iraq Speech

Joel reports from Jerusalem here. Well worth reading in my opinion. And it begins like this:

(Jerusalem, Israel) – “Our best case scenario is for missiles to be hitting us in the next year or two. Either the West goes to war to stop Iran from going nuclear, and Iran fires conventional missiles at us in retaliation, or the West waits too long and Iran launches a nuclear first strike at us. Either way, a terrible war is coming. It cannot be avoided.”

That the Doomsday clock is indeed ticking towards a conflagration, and perhaps in 2007, is hard to deny. May God strenghten our resolve and bless our troops and all people in harms way.

Postnote: OK, I admit I'm dropping everything to watch this tonight.

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