Monday, January 15, 2007

Martin Luther King, January 15, 1929---April 4, 1968

I am at my Apple store being tutored by a sheer genius named Shane, from New Zealand, who is teaching me how to embed video in my blog! I am thrilled. Thanks, Shane. Truly fun for a medium-old-dog to learn space age tricks! Of course, this is nothing for the "big dogs" of the blogosphere, but for me it's a FEAT.

Later: I am especially happy that my first embedded video is of Martin Luther King. However, I'm afraid I started crying in the Apple Store as I watched this video, even as Shane waited patiently for me to continue the lesson.

Here is a link on Dr. King from the Heritage Foundation.

And finally a musical tribute by Stevie Wonder on YouTube. And one more by Marvin Gaye here.

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