Monday, October 23, 2006

Why the Democrats Have George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson Rolling in their Graves

This just in from Paul Teller, Deputy Director of the House Republican Study Committee. The rest of this post speaks for itself:

Democrat Agenda?

In light of ongoing Democrat criticisms of the Republican legislative agenda, the following is an abridged list of actual bills that have been introduced by House Democrats this or last year, including bills regarding condoms for prisoners, crack-cocaine, and adult diapers:

The baby boomers must be breathing a sigh of relief that adult diapers are a top priority for the Dems. They don't want to hurt us.....they just want to help us! Forget the War on Terror. This is just in time for The War on Dotage.

Didn't Washington, Adams and Jefferson fight for this inalienable right for us? And isn't the federal government supposed to do this kind of thing?

Vive la Nanny State!


David Anfinrud said...

Well it gets funnier than what you think. Seattle is big on FORCING everyone into Mass Transit. McDermott(D)represents West Seattle. Where there is not a Mass transit project that they will not support. Well McDermott wanting the GAS STAMP ACT (H.R. 3712) want to give everyone who gets food stamps to have Free Gas using Tax Dollars. You would think he would try Mass Transit Free Passes but no he wants to give away Gas. It gets wierd that he gets voted in by the Greens who do not like cars & Conserve Natural Resources and he stabs them with an increase in Gas usage a Green House Producing product.

jgr said...

Web, from neo's site, I found yours. It looks good.

I think a good many of us are shedding the stupidities of our youth. The 60's and 70's really don't make sense, if one tries to explain them to children.

Of all the craziness of the Left (my name for the Dems and those who attack the West), none is more so than Gaia worship. Environmentalism makes sense as a science; it never makes sense as politics. In fact, it's insane, much as its balloon icon often seems to be: Al Gore.

Any Christian can easily detail what God set for us to do as stewards of the earth. But how many Envirocrazies are Christian?

I really, really fear what they're peddling. I saw the damage the media did during Katrina. I can only imagine where they will go.

They day may come when one doesn't speak against the environment for fear of (certainly appropriate for Halloween) being labelled "the cause," and thus a 'witch,' (yep, paganism present), and thus subject to repression, including physical.

It's important that sane adults speak out now against the insanities that political environmentalism can advance.

jgr said...

Web, a good website.

I had a dandy comment to post but Blogger wiped it.

Look forward to your observations.

jgr said...


jgr said...

Web, your site looks good.

My two previous entries were wiped by Blogger (who knows why?)