Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Donald on the Economy, The MSM and North Korea

If you want to stay down in the dumps on the economy, then don't listen to The Donald's interview with Neil Cavuto of Fox News here at NRO.

But if you choose to tune in, be forewarned that your perspective will be refreshed on the housing "crash," the MSM's spin on the economy, oil prices, alternative energy sources, and the threat of North Korea.

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Vulgorilla said...

The MSM does appear to be in a depression though. NBC laying off staff to the tune of $750M, and the NYT profits dropping 39%, which by the way, is long overdue. Mybe thats why they think we're in a bum economy. Actually, in their case, its just a free market correction - fewer and fewer folks are using the MSM for news and entertainment, me being one of them. If the trend continues, they'll be gone in another five years, and I won't be shedding any tears.