Friday, October 20, 2006

Glenn and I Both Go for Bob Corker in Early Voting This Week but Split on Gay Marriage

Saw where Glenn Reynolds voted early this week, as I did.

We both went for Bob Corker for the U.S. Senate seat now held by the outgoing Majority Leader Bill Frist.

I thought Reynolds would surely end up voting for Ford but am pleasantly surprised cause I think of him as quite liberal.

My vote was not about whether the Republicans deserve my vote. It wasn't about voting for someone because I find them likeable. It was and always is about the principles I think best align with my own and our country's needs at this critical, critical time: The War on Terror, gun and property rights, illegal immigration and low taxes. And Corker embodies those best in my opinion.

But when it came to the state's Marriage Amendment, Glenn and I went our separate ways:

Glenn claims he voted "against the anti-gay amendment." But I see it very differently: I voted "against" nothing. Rather I voted for what I consider the definition of marriage is and how it should be now and forever defined--between one man and one woman......who are in the genus of human beings to be even more specific.

To me, anything else is a farce no matter how politically correct. I know that automatically makes me "homophobic," the moniker that radical gay rights activists use to guilt people like me into submission. So be it.

I do think one day the gay lobby will win out in some more states, like they have in Massachusetts. And the envelop will continue to be pushed, first for gay marriage, then gay or hetero group marriage, then some damn fool will want to marry his pet llama. It will be a three-ringed circus, even more outrageous than the one we now live in.

And a slippery slope with no end in sight.

Unless we continue to define marriage in the realm of Objective rather than subjective truth.

Still, I'm glad we both voted for Corker. And those new space age voting machines were too cool...not to mention the adorable "I Voted" sticker with the American flag I got to wear out on my jacket.

Like seeing the U.S. Capitol at night, voting is still an ineffable privilege and thrill for me.

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