Monday, October 09, 2006

US Senate candidate Bob Corker with two grassroots supporters in Tennessee Monday night

So, you're a little disappointed with the last session of Congress. Several issues ranging from immigration, health care and social security reform, to the permanent repeal of the death tax are weighing on your mind. Then there's the pageboy scandal, the lingering war in Iraq and Afghanistan with its negative, liberal spin by the MSM, and the growing tensions in Iran, Syria, Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and Georgia, just to name a few.

And that doesn't even include the imminent threat of Brad and Angelina now traveling in India, or Barbra Streisand on an unhinged, left-wing singing tour.

All in all, one could be pretty down-in-the-dumps and feel like throwing in the towel when it comes to politics and mid-term elections. Easy to say Washington is washed up and our country gone to the dogs.

Unless, of course, you look back at our amazingly messy, dirty rotten political history. Need we go further than the terrible squabbling and backstabing that went on during the Adams-Jefferson Presidential election of 1800? It's too much for me to recount this late at night. But it sure wasn't pretty.

If the present is tough to swallow and the past is rottener still, then shall we contemplate for a moment the future:


Let's put it this way: do you really want to spend the next two years-- 24/7/365 --seeing, reading, staring at the impeachment of President George Bush.....on.....on...... ON THE DRUDGE REPORT?

Me neither. So let's get ourselves together, roll up our sleeves, pick up our towels and go forward with renewed vigor for the challenging tasks ahead.

Look no further, therefore, than to Tennessee for a horse race that is shaping up to be neck-and-neck all the way down to the November 7th finish line. As Tennessee goes, most believe, so goes the nation.

Enter Republican candidate Bob Corker, of Chattanooga, a businessman, former city mayor and state Finance Commissioner, and Democrat Harold Ford from Memphis, a five term Congressman (and wannabe lawyer who has yet to pass the bar exam) whose family business is, was and always will be machine politics. Both are handsome, sophisticated ambitious men who want retiring Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's job in a big way.

But don't let image fool you. There is a difference between these two men and what they'll stand for in Congress and the Senate when one of them is elected less than one month away.

Let's be clear yet again: national politics is a jungle, and no one accomplishes everything they promise on the campaign trail. But in the larger scheme of things, Bob Corker vs. Harold Ford is a race that conservatives, yes Republicans, need to win.

I am convinced that Corker will be stronger on the values that are most pressing to our nation than his opponent. These include strong national defense on all fronts of the War on Terror and illegal immigration, open appropriations processes to cut out late-night, secret pork barrel federal spending earmarks, energy independence while keeping taxes low so the private sector can continue to create jobs which cause our country to flourish by putting more (not higher) tax revenues into the federal Treasury.

In the weeks ahead, I will continue to post on the differences between the conservative Corker and the more liberal Ford.

But in closing, I wish to say that both Senators Bill Frist and Lamar Alexander, pictured above, with Corker, have served Tennessee and our country with dignity, above board moral character, commitment and honor. While, many of us would like to have seen them go further in a number of areas, this country and its economy are better by a long shot for their service. And thanks for staying the course in Iraq, Bill and Lamar. It's the only action that was/is sensible for standing up to the terrorists, now and in the future.

And, Bill, thanks for helping me operate my digital camera so I could take your pic!

This Senate race matters to Tennesseans, our country and hopefully to Matt Drudge too.

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Vulgorilla said...

I have little to no hope that the American people are smart enough to figure it all out. Sad, but true, as history offers more than ample proof. This next election will be like watching a train wreck in slow motion as our nation careens off the tracks. So sad.