Thursday, October 12, 2006

Brrrrrr, gettin chilly here in the Midsouth

....and may even hit our definition of "cold" by tonight.

Windows coming down to cracked at night, blankets out and the best news of's cool enough to get my soup pot out and turn on the oven!

To celebrate, I cut and chopped all sorts of vegetables late last night and now have homemade chicken vegetable soup ready. Tonight, I will have the first of a series of "soup suppers" here with friends. Keeping it simple with soup, baguettes and olive oil, frisee salad, a glass of Cotes Du Rhone topped off with a tiny slice of pumpkin pie.

Mix generously with good conversation and a few laughs, after first giving thanks to our Great Maker for the bounty of the season and this great country.

Still, I hope the memory of my Mother will forgive me: I forgot the okra. Everyone knows no southern woman worth her salt makes this soup without okra. Guess I've been out west too much.

But I'll remember the next time, Mother, and always think of you when I do.


WebuSon said...

WebuMom, you make the best chicken vegetable soup around, and that's no liberal hype! Your "lib" son is reading and enjoying your keep it up...WebuSon

Webumom said...

Well, WebuSon, I can't think of any compliment or commenter I would have appreciated hearing from more! Thanks.

As for the partisan time you come home from Yankeeland, maybe I'll fix a batch with lots more "red" vegetables in it. Perhaps that'll soften all those lib edges.

And promise me one other thing: If you ever plan to vote for Hillary please wait til after the meal to tell me!