Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Fright: Nancy Pelosi on Her Way to Becoming Speaker of the House?

In case you're not scared enough about world events and the upcoming elections next week, please take time to click on the link taking you to Michelle Malkin's Halloween Vent in which she talks about committee appointments, if the Dems sweep Congressional races and take majority leadership. Click the link above, then double click on her screen for Hot Air TV and then listen carefully. But prepare to get really, really scared!

Do you know who Alcee Hastings, Charlie Rangel and John Conyers are and where they might be headed? It's time you learn the truth and weep!

Take time to educate yourself on the possible consequences of voting conservatives out, disappointing as the past Session was.

And if you're not scared enough, and want to get really, really, really freaked, then check out this article on what gay marriage advocates may really want. And it's not just monogamous gay marriage which is bad enough.


Please get out to vote for conservative candidates and conservative principles next week and encourage family and friends to do likewise.


Anonymous said...

Web, from neo's site, I found yours. It looks good.

I think a good many of us are shedding the stupidities of our youth. The 60's and 70's really don't make sense, if one tries to explain them to children.

Of all the craziness of the Left (my name for the Dems and those who attack the West), none is more so than Gaia worship. Environmentalism makes sense as a science; it never makes sense as politics. In fact, it's insane, much as its balloon icon often seems to be: Al Gore.

Any Christian can easily detail what God set for us to do as stewards of the earth. But how many Envirocrazies are Christian?

I really, really fear what they're peddling. I saw the damage the media did during Katrina. I can only imagine where they will go.

They day may come when one doesn't speak against the environment for fear of (certainly appropriate for Halloween) being labelled "the cause," and thus a 'witch,' (yep, paganism present), and thus subject to repression, including physical.

It's important that sane adults speak out now against the insanities that political environmentalism can advance.


Anonymous said...
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jgr said...

web, please remove the first entry. It's one of mine that has repoduced itself!

I hope today's attack on Evangelicals (11/3) will stiffen backbones. I, for one, look foward to voting against Democrats and liberals every chance.

As I wrote before, it's more than a contest. It's survival.