Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tabloid News Tidbits Under the Radar Screen for Saturday

Love and romance continue on the global stage, even though our collective attention is focused on Tuesday's election here in the US.

But lest we forget, take a look at a few seen and heard tidbits over the past week, remembering that love is still in the air all around the globe.

Did you know that:

Russia and Iran
continue to go steady? Not only that, they are being so generous with their foster children, Syria and Hezbollah, by giving them everything they want so the little radishes can go and raid the Lebanese sandbox again with their blessing. But this time their little bullies want to snatch the whole Lebanese box and not just some of their sand.

Meanwhile, the UN and USA want Israel to play nice with its neighbors and just get along as best they can. And everyone is advising Israel to remain single.


Did you know that feisty Bill Clinton and his new global foundation is still courting North Korea by making nice. He's spearheading a "peace park" in the DMZ between the northern and southern countries. Perhaps that'll get him a Nobel Peace Prize, like his predecessor, the peacenik of all time, Jimmy Carter.

Such thoughtfulness.


Did you know that global sex symbol and man of unlimited gas Victor Chavez and company are happily working overtime to get Venezuela, you know the country where democracy goes to die, admitted to a seat on the UN Security Council?

Remember, the UN is our current best hope for a One World Governement.

That rascal has been wooing global delegates by using Venezuelan beauties passing out chocolates with his sexy image on it all over the halls of the UN to sway its way to the top. But so far, after 46 rounds of voting, it hasn't consummated the deal.


But stay tuned, never underestimate the power of an ardent suitor, bearing chocolates.....and lots of gas.


Rumor has it, Saddam Hussein, who is flourishing in an Iraqi prison resort, will be sentenced as early as Sunday. Did I use the word "early?"

What I meant by early can only be construed in the context of geological time. I am still uncertain why he hasn't long ago been dispatched into a rose-colored vault for being such an equal opportunity oppressor and mass murderer.

Oh yes, he's still a romantic figure to many in the MSM.


Did you know that Nancy Pelosi, the woman who would be head of our Congressional Household, is getting her "to do" list ready and choosing her personal shoppers for the next session? Let's see, there's Charlie Rangel for chairman of her House Ways and Means, John Conyers for her House Judiciary, and Alcee Hastings for her House Intelligence.

I would go on, but I am feeling faint and need to run outside and get some fresh air.


And finally, up at West Point Military Academy, the lovefest with Muslims and Mecca is heating up: did you know that the Academy has just built and dedicated a new mosque there complete with green carpets, shoe racks and a pulpit facing Mecca to make everyone feel right at home?

And just so it will be increasingly used, The Army is actively recruiting recruits from Muslim countries. Muslims students has shot up from 2 to 32 in the last few years.

Ain't love grand.


That's all the love, I can bear to disclose this week, but stay tuned for more tales of true romance, tabloid style, in future episodes.

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