Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Election Truth Laid Bare and Why the GOP Lost the House: Are We Ready for Some Fiscal Tough Love?

I like people who cut to the chase and dispense with long-winded analysis. That's why I like this man who could lead the country back from the brink of fiscal delinquency.

Representative Mike Pence, R-Indiana, speaks the truth about the Republican routing in the House yesterday. It is the best and truest summary I have seen of what happened long, long before election day. I do not think the War in Iraq is bothering the electorate as much as how we are going to pay for the war and the continuing growth of federal government programs.

Now the question, are we ready to listen to the likes of Pence and more importantly to act?

Pence who hopefully will become House Minority Leader in the next Session of Congress released this statement:

"It is the duty of the losing party in a free election to humbly accept defeat ... Some will argue that we lost our majority because of scandals at home and challenges abroad. I say ... [that] [w]hile the scandals of the 109th Congress harmed our cause, the greatest scandal in Washington, D.C. is runaway federal spending.

"After 1994, we were a majority committed to balanced federal budgets, entitlement reform and advancing the principles of limited government. In recent years, [however,] our majority voted to expand the federal government's role in education, entitlements and pursued spending policies that created record deficits and national debt....

"Our opponents will say that the American people rejected our Republican vision.

"I say the American people didn't quit on the Contract with America, we [Republicans] did. And in so doing, we severed the bonds of trust between our party and millions of our most ardent supporters of the Republican party."

Well said, Mike.

Read the whole thing here at NRO.

I don't want my children paying for our wreckless spending decades from now. We have to get our financial house back in order.

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Vulgorilla said...

I will say it another way:

The Republicans (RINO's) lost because why elect a Democrat wannabe when you can have the real thing? There didn't seem to be much choice between the "spend like a drunken Democrat" Republican and the "spend like a drunken sailor" Democrat. At least you know where the Democrats stand, and you never did with the RINO's until it was too late. The voters wanted predictability, and got grid lock in the bargain as a side benefit. Not too bad a trade, IMHO.