Monday, November 06, 2006

If We're Turning Purple, Let's Hope It's More Magenta Than Lavender

Poll after poll says we're a country going purple in our politics, if not true blue sadly in our social habits. In the election Tuesday, prognosticators predict Virginia may be going towards blue from red, and Maryland from blue towards red.

If we must have purple, then I'm rooting for magenta to prevail over lavender.

Long live magenta!

In Tuesday's elections, I support the following candidates to keep the national pallette more magenta than lavender:

****Bob Corker in Tennessee's US Senate race over blue candidate Harold Ford for the seat being vacated by Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

****Bob Krumm in Tennessee Senate race against incumbant of all incumbants Doug Henry.

****Michael Steele in Maryland's US Senate race over Ben Cardin for the seat now being vacated by Sen. Paul Sarbanes.

****Senator Rick Santorum in Pennsylvania's US Senate race over Bob Casey.

****Senator Jim Talent in Missouri's US Senate race over Claire McCaskill who continues to falsely portray stem cell research in this country as totally hinging on federal government funding. Stem cell research goes on and will continue to in this country and worldwide in the private sector.

Hopefully voters will not be hoodwinked by such false advertising in Missouri and many other states as well. Michael Fox notwithstanding.

So looking at the realities of tomorrow's election, I'm cheering for magenta over lavender and hope you will too.

But I still like fire engine red the best.

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Anonymous said...

While I am not very well educated on the other candidates that you support, I was disappointed to see that you support Rick Santorum for PA senate. As a Pennsylvania native, I must admit that the alternative choice (Bob Casey) is not much better, however I do find that anything is better then Santorum. I am sure that you would be very concerned about his record if you knew that he voted against environmental funding, for off-shore drilling and has taken many other steps that prove him to be an enemy of the environment. As for this particular vote (off-shore drilling), I believe that the solution to America’s energy crisis lies in renewable and sustainable energy. Apparently Rick has not considered that off-shore drilling is not only unrenewable (we are about to reach our peak in oil production) but also very detrimental to the environment. In addition his ethics are incredibly corrupt. (He seems to be best buds with Wal-Mart, voting against a raise in minimum wage and accepting nice favors in return.)

Thanks, Paul’s granddaughter