Thursday, November 02, 2006

Meeting Bob Krumm, Where the Campaign Trail Meets the Hiking Trail

For months, I had been reading about the 21st District State Senate race in Tennessee over at where State Senate candidate Bob Krumm is often talked about and endorsed by Hobbs, who blogs daily about grassroots politics in Nashville and Tennessee.

I liked what I've read about Bob Krumm's background, values and positive campaigning.

And as a new blogger, I was also interested that Krumm has started a blog himself and is taking full disclosure to new levels in his campaign.

Krumm is running against a man I know well: Senator Douglas Henry, 80, the incumbant who has been in office for 36 years. He is a fine Southern gentleman. But if you believe in term limits, or even if you don't, you've got to wonder if this office doesn't need a little new blood by now for the 21st Century and beyond. Henry is running for his tenth term in office, for heavens sake!

After checking Krumm out, I decided he was getting my vote. (Full disclosure: I've already voted for Krumm in early balloting.)

Then, I got a nice surprise on the hiking trail several days later:

Invited by some fellow lady walkers to join a hike for the homeless on a Saturday morning in one of our city's most beautiful parks, the four of us were walking and talking as fast as we could. At some point, I interjected myself into the gabfest and told them that I had just started a new blog........there was silence.

A what? they responded.

"A blog, ladies. You know a b-l-o-g. BLOG," I enunciated.

Oh, Okay, whatever....A blog?

I was a bit forlorn at this tepid response as we trekked onward and upward.

When suddenly a voice of recognition came out of the blue:

"You've started a blog!! Tell me about it. What's it about?"

Someone knew what I was talking about!

"Well, I said," looking for the voice that was asking about my blog, " it's conservative politically and culturally and, you know, I write about anything I want to spout off about."

A smiling face greeted me and introduced himself and his pre-teenaged daughter as we all continued walking.

It was Bob Krumm.

For the next five minutes Bob and his daughter were surrounded by the four of us, walking , chatting and yes, even talking blogs.

We all were impressed with what we saw and heard during that walk in the park with Bob.

When finally we separated and walked on, one of my friends said that in only three minutes with Krumm, whom she had never known before, she would be voting for him. She was that impressed. Then the other three of us chimed in: "Me too!"

So, Bob Krumm has four more sure hiking voters, and a new blogger in his corner next week. The 21st District in Tennessee is fortunate to have him running.....and walking....and blogging there! We're rootingfor Bob!

And we're also grateful for his running such a positive and issues focused campaign. Duty and honor for the 21st District in Tennessee--give us all you got, Bob.

Even Glenn Reynolds is endorsing Krumm over at Instapundit. And if you want to send a contribution, it's never too late. Click here.

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jgr said...

Nice looking candidate. Let us hear how things play out.

One thing I seem to see in my reading is that politics is rarely the game of first time winners. It's the players who come to play, stay to play, and refuse to lose, who triumph. Good men or women are always needed in public service.