Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Feel a Stemwinder Coming On, Miss Johansson

One of the reasons I started this blog, among other things, was to vent my spleen from time to time, whether anyone saw, read, listened to or agreed with me. Or not.

Miss Scarlett Johansson has recently criticized President Bush for his overly conservative views on sex outside marriage as "unrealistic."

Well, I feel a stemwinder coming on. But, I'm too busy right now to give vent to it. But get back, I shall, Miss Johansson.

And I plan to get back to "it"--some recreational venting on this subject of freewheeling sex outside marriage--more than once in the days ahead. As a child, and I do mean child, who came of age in the sixties and am still recovering from the many excesses of that time, I have some things to say on the subject of sex outside marriage, both from hard-earned experience and years of observation.

So as soon as I can, I plan to talk about the worldly view of recreational sex---anytime, anywhere with anyone one feels like---which Miss Johansson enthusiastically advocates, even as she struggles with her latest relationship difficulties here.

Meanwhile, Ace carries the ball, as best as any poor man can--- with big cleavage in his face cradled in red silk, or no, on second thought I think it's polyester. Synthetic polyester she's wearing.

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