Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hiking Along the Hudson River near Rhinebeck, NY with a Friend

Beautiful weather, lots of girl talk, walking in a Thomas Cole painting along the Hudson, finding a wifi outpost in the one of the country's oldest inns so I could blog, and sipping peppermint tea, all in the best of company. But we forgot to buy you an industrial sized rake for the thousands of leaves in your new yard... Thanks for your wonderful hospitality, 2E!


2E said...

Hi there, dear friend,
What a beautiful photo. It hardly looks BLUE at all. Oh yes, that was taken election day when the sun shone bright over the land, and blessings descended over one particular, leaf covered house in Rhinebeck. I remember you each time I open the door and see my cross. Stay well, and away from the coffee. Happy trails . . .til we me again.

Webutante said...

Well, you were a most gracious winner that day. But just wait till '08. I'll be back to hike that same stretch with you again then! Meanwhile, be well and blessings on your new adventure.

Your best conservative friend.

Anonymous said...

The Hudson Valley has remained beautiful in spite of your ilk. Please keep the hell away.

shawnfassett said...

Bitch loves her pearl strings. Funny shit.