Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Conservative Girls Lunch, Gabfest and 'Politicalnostication' At Teton Pines

Over mixed greens and iced tea, four of us--- true blue, er, true red conservatives, all with a gift of gab---got together for lunch alfresco and political prognosticating at Teton Pines earlier this week. We had such fun and solved all the world's current dilemmas. Though we didn't unanimously agree on everything, we came up with several conclusions we think are right on, even if we do say so.

And we do say so.

So, without further ado here's what we conservative women are currently thinking:

First, the war in Iraq is winnable. The surge is really working. But the hands of the military must continue to be untied and the rules of engagement loosened. No more Mr. Nice Guy. One of us currently has a son currently serving his third tour of duty in Ramadi. She gets lots of good information first hand.

Second, we like Joe Lieberman and unanimously think he should be on the Republican ticket in November 2008 as the vice presidential candidate. So Joe, we hope you're considering this and we mean it!

Third, though we all are crazy about Fred and may support him, sadly none of us really think he'll ever be president. Not in 2008, not ever. We sincerly hope we're wrong about this.

We had a gabfest about Fred Thompson, some of us have worked with him and know him first hand. We all like Fred down to the bottom of our toes. However, we think he's a lousy manager. Lousy manager. And he needs to make up his mind, get on or off the starting line and never look back. We think he should not, NOT, let his wife Jeri run his presidential campaign, if he runs. None of us like the perception and think it makes him look oh so weak. He may think she's his greatest political asset now, but we think she'll turn out to be a liability later. Sadly, as much as we all like Fred, we do not think he will ever be president. And how old does he say he is???

Fourth, we sadly conclude the Republicans will lose the White House, the Senate and the House in 2008 probably to Hillary and Obama, and that we are in for tough sledding. Taxes will be foolishly raised, the economy will go into a tail spin and the good times of this Administration will be a fond memory.

Finally, we hope, really hope, we're wrong about some of these predictions.

None us ordered dessert. How could we, when we got real with each other? Still we found a way to have fun and decided to reconvene in the East between now and next summer to talk again. And who knows, we may change our minds between now and then.

Women do have the right to change their minds, don't they?! We hope it happens in this case.

UPDATE: Seeing things the way they are and not the way we wish them to be. This is why I/we like Joe Lieberman.


Jungle Mom said...

I can handle you being wrong about everything ...except that Obama or Hillary winning!!!

Webutante said...

Rita, if they do actually win, can I go to Paraguay with you??? Or maybe I'll just move to Outer Mongolia....

Calvin said...

Very sad but true points about Fred. I understand why he is waiting so long and I think that it's smart.

But, I agree that it makes him LOOK indecisive and that along with the news about his wife running his campaign looks bad.

I can only hope that his delay in starting his campaign will allow him to ge a REAL manager to whip him and his campaign ito shape.

I still have hope that a Fred T / Joe L ticket could beat a Hillary C / Barak O ticket.

jen said...

"The good times of this Administration" ... Good one! That almost made me fall out of my chair.... lol

Jeff said...

Republicans will lose the White House, the Senate and the House in 2008

Why do you suppose this is true? Can you imagine the political result if bin Laden had been captured, Iraq secured, an international coalition built to help stabilize the region? If that were true and we were competently and intelligently led by a Republican administration that was true to it's word about restoring integrity to the White House, we would be looking at another 8 years of total Republican governmental dominance. The opportunity was there and it was squandered. We only have our leadership to blame. I know I'm very disappointed. We trusted them and they let us down. Many Republicans I know won't even admit in public they voted for Bush. They're ashamed, and his incompetence has damaged the GOP far more than any administration in our lifetime. I don't understand how people still can trust and support this administration.

Pam said...

I loved your style of writing this post Web. Very engaging!
I dread to think of #4 coming true! I am spending much time in prayer on that one!