Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bringing Cannonball Back

I dedicate this to all my friends who like to drive long distances across this glorious country of ours, especially the man at Invincible Armor. This is a story I did in May about a man named Cannonball who's an expert on, well, taking care of certain parts of your body on long, or even short, road trips.

At least once a year, and maybe twice, I do a roundtrip cross country and love almost every minute of it. This madness has been going on for over two decades now.

Everyone needs a Cannonball in their life. Everyone needs to know how to do a road trip and stay reasonably healthy, energized and safe.

Anyone want to drive up to the Arctic Circle next week to cool off? (And no, Al, you can't go with me.)


inspired said...


Mred said...

I am honored. Thinking about your post and looking at the seat in my old Jeep I gotta ask, you got an address for Cannonball?

Great story.

Webutante said...


Cannonball's is located at: 5101 Kentucky Avenue, off Charlotte in west Nashville. Phone 615 269-7882, and tell him his new best friend/fan, Webutante, sent ya...