Thursday, August 16, 2007

Is Your Mother/Father/Daughter or Son Controlling? Byron Katie Takes It On

Blogger just erased my commentary which accompanies this video, so I will rewrite it in a shorter version later. But for now, I think this process work is quite amazing and believe Katie is a gifted therapist who obviously has done her own work and understands a thing or two about projection and how it guarantees stuckness and immaturity in our lives.

We all are guilty of projection---I believe it came into the world with the fall of man from Grace----but not all of us are able to see it for what it is in our lives and start to get this kind of healing from it. I believe it is a lifetime project of the spiritual journey and allows God to begin to work mightily in our lives.


Jungle Mom said...

I love the dry, humor. And she is correct, it is a personal choice.

Webutante said...

Yes, JM, we all have layers and layers of projection. Beginning to see these for what they are and to get freer from emotional fusion with significant others (while bonding with timeless Truths), is the beginning of freedom and maturity. And it is an endless spiritual journey for all of us.

Bob said...

Awesome! Thanks for bringing us these thoughts, which are so wise.