Saturday, August 04, 2007

What Ever Is Sean Penn Thinking?

Deluded, self-important, disloyal to his country, used and pathetically naive, Sean Penn makes pals with one of the world's most insane dictators. His career is finished, as is that of Harry Belafonte and Danny Glover. If they did that in Venezuela, they'd be in prison or worse.


Tom Blogical said...

So...apparently Penn isn't an "imperialist clown" to Chavez. (He used that term for a Latin American Catholic bishop recently.)

Like you said, he's self-important. When someone like Chavez validates Penn's ideology, he basks in the attention. If there was any doubt he's all for dictators and communists, there isn't any now.

I'm sure he'd counter these charges by saying, "But if we would just talk to our enemies, we'd understand them better."

I can't believe Robin Wright married this guy.

Webutante said...

I can't either, Tom.

Agreed, the time for talking to thugs like Chavez is long, long gone.

Tom Blogical said...

You've inspired me.

Jungle Mom said...

I can not write my true opinion of this.... my Christianity will not allow me!

Pam said...

When my niece sent me an online article about his, I fumed. Oh boy, I feel myself growing frustrated once again! I hate that these types give each other validity, at least in their own eyes! Poor puny men!