Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Word To The Wise To Rudy

No one would like to see Rudy elected president in 2008 more than I. He has leadership qualities that will serve this country well during the upcoming years of our global war.

However, if he continues to pose for and release these ridiculous lovebird photos of himself and his second wife, Judith, I can assure him he will NEVER get elected.

It's an embarassment, Rudy, so cut it out and act like a serious candidate, instead of someone who just got off the frontpage of the National Enquirer.

You look like some sort of love slave (and she a dominatrix-- not exactly First Lady material), and as a presidential hopeful it's not very becoming, as my mother used to say.

It brings your judgment into question and is truly a faux pas, at least where I come from. You're going to have a hard enough time getting the southern conservative vote as it is.

Hopefully, too much damage hasn't been done by this, but only time will tell.


A commenter has correctly written to say that Judith is Rudy's third wife, rather than his second.

Also, another of my sources tells me that she has had a total makeover in the past year, in preparation for Giuliani's possible run. This highly glamorized image may end up working more against her, and them, rather than for them in the end, especially if she continues conjuring up staged, vanity photos like the one above.

I know I'm turned off by all this foolishness.


Anonymous said...

She's actually his third wife. His first marriage was annulled after finding out that his wife was actually his second cousin. His second marriage was to Donna Hanover. This would make Judith Nathan wife #3.

Pam said...

Oh my! It looks cheap and sleazy to me! Can you imagine a Laura Bush doing that? I will miss her!

Jungle Mom said...

Ummm... get a room Rudy!!!

Stacie Florer said...

Creeps me out...ugh.