Friday, February 16, 2007

Joel Rosenberg on How the Dems Are Trying to Tie Bush's Hands in Iran; Defeat Us in Iraq

There are times when I just can't click on Joel's blog because he is so perceptive and prescient.

It's scary. He writes about issues in the Middle East with such foreknowledge that I almost can't look. He says what he writes is all predicted in the Bible. And I believe him.

According to Joel, things continue to line up according to ancient Bible prophecy, especially the book of Ezekiel. Russia is lining up with Iran. And Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map.

Don't miss his posts and especially today's.

Nancy Pelosi continues to ignore the reality of war and pass resolutions condemning Bush's new plan in Iraq. She's a lightweight. What's it going to take to get it that we're in a war with countries and peoples that want to destroy us? And destroy us sooner rather than later?

And so Pelosi and company continue to fiddle and play politics and in doing so only embolden those who want to clean our clocks. Frightening beyond words.

God help us all. And God forbid that we elect a new president that seeks to appease our enemies.

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Jungle Mom said...

Sometimes I just dont understand people like the Dem's. What can they be thinking?!! When Pelosi is a HERO here in Venezuela already...