Tuesday, February 13, 2007

"24"'s Got It Goin On


I know I'm late to the party, but now I'm hooked. Big time hooked.

Tonight was just too much.

They're about to take out the president because he's gone soft with the terrorists? And Jack Bauer's father is holding his grandson hostage and threatening to kill him in this family axis of evil? And that's not all either.

Amazing. Simply amazing. I don't like it that I'm starting to plan my entire week around Monday nights.


Jungle Mom said...

Ok, I have to find a way to watch this. My sister-in-law recently returned to Venezuela from the states and is raving about it to.

Webutante said...

Try to find a way to watch. And it really doesn't take much time to get caught up...you can figure it out fairly quickly...the characters and plot is pretty much good against evil. And the evil guys all have green eyes!

Just a joke, of course, but you can catch on quickly.