Thursday, February 01, 2007

Biden on Obama: Are We Outraged Yet, Mr. Wolcott?

When the Senate's Greatest Gaffe-meister meets the Senate's Man from Glad, it's enough to bring you out of retreat for a minute to make a little comment. And tears to your eyes.

But tears of what? Are we laughing or crying?

So let me get this straight: Senator Joe Biden, bigot from Delaware, was serious when he described Illinois Senator Barack Obama's presidential prospects as follows?:

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy...I mean that's a storybook, man."

Say what? Are you listening, Mr. Wolcott? Biden's giving a backhanded "compliment" to your man.

Joe's got to be kidding, right? Perhaps Senator Obama should loan him some of his soap to clean his mouth.

What an insult. And not just to Obama whom I am no fan of as a presidential candidate due to his monumental lack of experience and far left leanings. But to other black politicians whose accomplishments so surpass Biden's that he's not even worthy to polish any of their shoes:

Politicians like Colin Powell, Condolezza Rice, and Vernon Jordan.

I can only shudder to think what Biden's eastern elitist opinion of ordinary African-Americans are who aren't half-white like Obama or formerly headed the Harvard Law Review as Barack did when he was in law school there.

Not that Biden is a novice at this: How can we forget his recent gaffe regarding hardworking people from India: "You cannot go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Doughnuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I'm not joking."

Senator Biden, your blue blood is hemorrhaging.

But beyond that, where is the outrage for this kind of racist prattle in the MSM?

Are we outraged yet, Mr. Wolcott?



New York Times?

Katie and Diane?



Maybe it's only outrageous if it's spoken by a conservative. And the outrage meter goes through the roof, if it's Christian conservatives, or southern Christian conservatives whom the great eastern leftish elite regard as unreconstructed bigoted idiots.

It's called a double standard and it happens all the time.

Just as Trent Lott, among many others. Or George Allen who was excoriated in the press for using the word "macaca" in mocking an Indian American cameraman who was getting in his face during his campaign for US Senate.

But Biden's remarks go mostly unnoticed by the liberal elitists of the media and politics.

Well, Biden has surely sunk his presidential hopes--to borrow a favorite phrase of Obama---but his legacy of insults lives on. He now joins John Kerry in the Gaffe Hall of Shame, with Kerry on the Wall of Military/foreign policy gaffes and Biden on the Wall of Racism.

Good riddance, Senator Biden. You still have your senatorial soapbox to hurl your insults from, but you'll likely never have the Oval Office.

Still, being a US Senator is not a bad day job for white folk like you. Not bad at all. We all know when you get off the tennis courts you clean up pretty good, too.


UPDATE: Good for you Mr. Wolcott, I see your cats haven't got your tongue, after all. And you do have some well-deserved outrage over Biden's remarks. On that rare subject, we both agree.


Stacie Florer said...

WEll Said...but the Democrats have a ridiculously bad long-term memory problem...they will forget all about it, and the beat goes on. The plight of minorities sticking to the Democrats reminds me of abused women sticking with their husbands. They are too comfortable with what they know, and too afraid to change. So we all have to live in an abusive country since they seem to outnumber the ones of us that are not damaged. Sigh..................

Anonymous said...

Please. S.R. Siddharth was not "getting in George Allen's face". He was standing on the other side of the event videotaping Sen. Allen - just as Sen. Allen had people working for him who did the same thing to Webb.