Saturday, February 03, 2007

Super Sunday: Two Extraordinary Coaches and the Lord Who Rules Both Their Lives

Old friends, colleagues and rival head coaches meet this Super Bowl Sunday when Tony Dungy's Indianapolis Colts meet Lovie Smith's Chicago Bears in game XLI of the National Football League championship playoffs.

It's the ultimate in professional football. And the first time in history that not one, but two African American coaches have led their teams to the Super Bowl.

Whatever the outcome, these two fine men---as head coaches, mentors and role models---intend to use their high standing in professional football to higlight an even greater passion they share: their love and faith in Jesus Christ.

They like to call it: Beyond the Ultimate.

Athletes in Action has teamed up with both head coaches and several players to create an opportunity for them to use this historic stage to talk about their common faith in Christ.

Whatever you do, don't miss their inspirational words on this momentous occasion. May God bless them both--both on and off the playing field.This year, both the winner and the loser will give the glory to God and his Son.

Finally, winning the real game of life is the subject of Johnny Parker's sermon today at McLean Bible Church in Tysons Corner, Virginia.


Jungle Mom said...

This was so refreshing. I wonder what Biden has to say for these two outstanding gentlemen?

Webutante said...

Great question to ponder. I'm afraid Biden is not in these men's league in any way that I can discern.

Anonymous said...

The press has made a great fuss over two Black coaches bringing their teams thru the season to the Super Bowl and indeed they should be celebrated as it takes a real mastery of the game to win your way thru the schedule and come up as the two best teams. I'm always somewhat less won over to the idea of celebrating a Black accomplishment than simply acknowleging that this man or woman is the best at what they are doing. The media will always frame these occassions this way and too, I will concede that the struggle for success is tougher for the Black. Still I could be more comfortable if we were all working at minimizing the color distinction. That probably is several generations away.
There was a one line reference to Dungy's great faith in our local paper, something to the effect that he might consider taking on a ministry next year rather han coaching. What an impact that would make. It would demand more than one line of coverage. It's wonderful to see him taking charge of an occassion and delivering his Christian
message in a time when we are conditioned to be silent Christians lest we embarass others. Maybe others will pick up on this and realize that we need to live our belief and if someone is offended that's their problem. Don't misread me, I'm not for aggressive evanglization, I'm annoyed with Jehova's Witnesses ringing my bell.
We should ask that starting a day in school with a prayer, having a creche on the green and saying Merry Christmas should not offend any but the anti-Christians and though I mean to offend none, if their view of society cultivates an offence from a message of good will to men, then yes they have a problem and they, not we, should back off.
You have a talent for getting me going.

Anonymous said...
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Pam said...

What a blessing! I am so happy my sister sent me over here to your blog. I am going to recommend others to come view these video clips.

I live in Tampa, so Tony Dungy is a household name for us. We wre staunch Bucs fans until he left. Then things never seemed the same for us. Needless to say, we were rooting for the Colts tonight!

A couple of my friends attended the same church here in Tampa as the Dungy family did when they were here. Theses ladies have been to his home for Bible Studies with his wife. Both Tony & his wife signed up for nursery duty in their church(at least back when they were new in Tampa and had a younger child), so the consistency of his life has always impressed me. Thank you so much for posting this!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was pretty telling when the interview after winning (I think it was by Jim Nance but am not sure). The coach ignored the signifigance of being the first black coach to win and changed to focus to it being the first time two Christian Coaches faced each other in the Superbowl.

The only way to overcome our present state of racial divisiveness is to stop focusing on it and realize that we are all just people, no matter what race.

Sis. Julie said...

I came to your site by way of Pam's site. I knew that Tony Dungy professed to be saved but had never heard his testimony. I've enjoyed hearing it and also Lovey Smith's testimony. Thank you for sharing them with us.